Dice games have become more popular since 2020. As you know, many cities were locked down and people could not go out for fun activities after the Corona virus broke out, so table games are one of the good choices to enjoy yourself and distract yourself from working from home. Our marketing team realized demand of dices is going up quickly, so we took some actions to speed up production and develop more styles to meet the needs of the market. Images filled DnD RPG MTG dice sets came out and started to sell in 2018, now it is still popular. This kind of dice set in the market is made from resin material. As known, dices made from resin material are much higher cost and longer production time than acrylic material because they are 100% handmade. So many customers always complain why these are so expensive and why it takes so much time for production. In order to settle these problems, our company decided to develop this kind of dice sets with acrylic in 2021. After one year of effort, the first batch is coming out in May. How will they look? We are really excited to see.